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Literature Reviews
KLIGMAN, A. M. (1964) 
The biology of the stratum corneum. In: Montagna, W., Lobitz, W. C. (eds) The Epidermis. Academic Press, New York, pp 387-433
KATZ, M., POULSEN, B. J. (1971) 
Absorption of drugs through the skin. In: Brodie, B., Gillette, J. (eds) Concepts in Biochemical Pharmacology. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp 103-174
Literature Anecdotal
BLACKMORE, D., YOUNG, C. M., OWEN, D. G. (1972) 
Some Observations on Diseases of Brunus Edwardii (Species Nova). Veterinary Record 90: 382 et seq.
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