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The following list of scientific papers are presented here in reverse order showing the newest first. The sections have been split in to decades to hopefully enhance your search. We hope that this section proves useful to your future research. More papers will be posted on to the list when they are submitted.
Literature 2010 - Present
Eilstein J, Lereaux G, Arbey E, Daronnat E, Wilkinson S, Duche D, ePub ahead of print.
Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in human skin and SkinEthic reconstructed human skin models. Exp Dermatol (2015) doi: 10.1111/exd.12694.
Eilstein J, Lereaux G, Budimir N, Hussler G, Wilkinson S, Duche D, 2014
Comparison of xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme activities in ex vivo human skin and reconstructed human skin models from SkinEthic. Arch toxicol: 88: 1681–1694 (2014)
Davies M, Pendlington RU, Page L, Roper CS, Sanders DJ, Bourner C, Pease CK and MacKay C, 2011
Determining Epidermal Disposition Kinetics for Use in an Integrated Nonanimal Approach to Skin Sensitization Risk Assessment. Toxicological Sciences 119 (2); 308–318
Erick A. White EA, Horne A, Runciman J, Orazem ME, Navidi WC, Roper CS, Bunge AL, 2011
On the correlation between single-frequency impedance measurements and human skin permeability to water. Toxicology In Vitro 25; 2095–2104
Literature List
2010 - Present
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