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Posters - Skin Forum Meeting 2010
To open the posters left click on the download buttons and they will open in a new browser window. To download the posters right click on the download buttons and save the file to your desktop.
Title Affiliation  
Application of Biophysics and Bioengineering to the Assessment of Skin Barrier Function University of Bath Download
Assessment of the Effects of Pre-Incubation Time on Irritation Potential Usine the EpiSkin In Vitro Irritation Test Charles River Download
Comparative Evaluation of Natural Emulsifiers in Nanoemulsifiers: Lecithin versus Sucrose Stearate Universität Wien Download
Design and Permeation Studies of Caffine-Loaded Alginate Beads Unidade de Dermatologia Experimental & Universidade Lusófona Download
Development of a Nortriptyline Hydrochloride Film as Support Therapy for Smoking Cessation University of Valencia Download
Effects of New Types of Dermal Delivery Vehicles on Skin Hydration and Barrier Function University of Szeged Download
Enhanced Transdermal Flux of a Model Dye by its Incorporation into Polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) Nanoparticles and Microneedle Application Strathclyde University, Glasgow Download
Evaluation of the Effect of Iontophoresis on Human Nail in vitro by Impedance and Infrared Stectroscopics University of Bath Download
Influence of Oligo-Peptides on Fluconazile - Loaded DPPC Liposomes: Improvement of Size and Stability Universität Wien Download
Influence of Polymeric Microneedle Insertion on in vitro Human Skin Barrier Function: Assessments by Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) Strathclyde University, Glasgow Download
Influence of the Triterpene Friedeline in the Transcutaneous Penetration of Two Model Substances Unidade de Dermatologia Experimental & Universidade Lusófona Download
Inter-laboratory Comparison of the Penetration of Caffine Through Silicone Membrane in vitro Charles River, Newcastle University and Skin Forum Download
Lipophilic Microemulsions as Appropriate Vehicles for Topical Delivery of Antioxidant Vitamins University of Ljubljana Download
Measuring Skin Impedance Using an LCR Databridge: What Frequency Should Be Used? Colorado School
of Mines
Modelling the Effect of Mixture Components in the Skin Penetratio University of Kent
and Greenwich
Modelling the Formation of a Drug Reservoir in the Stratum Corneum and its Impact on Reserve Iontophoretic Extraction University of Bath Download
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Applications in Clinical Dermatology Michelson Diagnostics Download
Penetration Mechanism of Classical and Deformable Liposomes Through Pig Ear Skin University of Liege Download
Performance Evaluation of Automated Static Franz Cell Equipment for in vitro Release and Skin Penetration Testing Dow Corning Download
Sensitive Skin and Barrier Impairment - Quantitative Assessment of Modelling TEWL Desorption Curves Unidade de Dermatologia Experimental & Universidade Lusófona Download
The Influence of Volatile Solvents on Skin Permeation University of London Download
The In Vitro Assessment of Different Methods for Removal of Radiolabelled Biocide in a Solvent-Based Paint Formulation from Human Skin Charles River
and International
Paint Limited
The Use of the Minipig in the Safety Evaluation of Topical Drug Products Charles River Download
(Trans)dermal Delivery if Lidocaine from Silicone Topical Excipients Across Pig Skin Dow Corning Download
Transdermal Penetration: Refined Palm Oil Vehicle Effect? University of
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