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Posters - Skin Forum Meeting 2009
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Title Affiliation  
A Novel Approach for Investigations into Skin Barrier Funcation and Drug Penetration Joanneum Research Download
A Study of Microemulsion Systems for Transdermal Delivery of Naproxen: Ex Vivo Ege University Download
Chemical Sunscreen Formulations Stability and In vitro Delivery University of Coimbra Download
Chitosan/Alpha-hydroxy Acids Hydrogel formulations with Antibacterial Efficacy Against Propionibacterium Acnes and Staphylococcus Aureus: Effect of Different Cellulose Polymers Universidade
de Lisboa
Comparable Study on Essential Oil of Salvia Officinalis L. from Different Areas of Albania University of Tirana Download
Comparison of Physico-Chemical Properties of Human Nail and Bovine Hoof University of Parma Download
Cristallization of Mometasome Furoate: Influence of Polymers on In vitro Permeation Studies Universidade de Lisboa and Laboratórios EDOL Download
Cyclodextrins as Natural Co-Stabilising Agents in Submicron Emulsions Universität Wien Download
Dermatopharmacokinetics: Drug Clearance from the Stratum Corneum University of Parma Download
Development and Evaluation of Vesicular Delivery System for Effective Delivery of Boswellis Acid Through Skin Sagar University Download
Development of PAMPA Model for Skin Penetration of Drugs. Synthesis and Applicaton of Ceramide Analogues Semmelweis University Download
Different Approaches for Improving Skin Accumulation of Clobetasol-17-Propionate Ege University Download
Effect of Hydroxypropylmethycellulose (HPMC) on the Mometasome Furoate Release from Tropical Gels Universidade de Lisboa Download
Effects of Nutrients on Reactive Oxygen Species, ATP and Melanogenesis Status in Cultivated Melanocytes Leiden University Medical Center Download
Electromagnetophoresis: Potential for Enhanced Skin Penetration of Peptides Curtin University
of Technology
Electromagnetophoresis: Potential for Enhanced Skin Penetration of Drugs and Cosmetics Curtin University
of Technology
Encapsulation Efficacy, Integrity and In vitro Skin Penetration Enhancement of Different Types of Elastic Vesicles University of Patras Download
Encapsulation of Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, a Light-sensetive UV Filter, in Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Université Libre
de Bruxelles
Formulation and Characterization of an O/W/O Multiple Emulsion with a Sunscreen University "Iuliu Hatieganu" Download
Formulation and Evaluation of a Nanogel System for the Skin Delivery of Hyaluronidase University of Padua Download
Formulation and Physico-Chemical Characterisation of an After Shave Oil/Water Emulsion Containing Tea Tree Oil Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Pharmacy Download
Formulations Efficacy as Topical Skin Protectants Against Organophosphorus Compounds Centre de Recherches du Service de Santé des Armeés and Laboratories Dermatologiques Uriage Download
Function and Sensorial Plant Wax Butters Gattefosse Download
Gel-like Microemulsion for Simultaneous Delivery of Vitamins C and E for Skin Antioxidant Protection University of Ljublana Download
Guidelines to Formulate OTC Drugs in Tropical Emulsions with Improved Sensorial Properties Gattfossé Download
Influence of Cellulose Polymers on the Permeation Profile of Mometasome Furoate in Skin Universidade de Lisboa and Laboratórios EDOL Download
Investigation of the Dynamics of Water and Lidocaine in a Transdermal Patch: QENS and In vitro Permeation University of Parma Download
In vitro and In vivo Skin Permeation of Glycolic Acid Univertisy of Modena and Reggio Emilia Download
In vitro Release of Bioadhesive Gel Including Ketoprofen Solid Dispersion Ege University Download
In vivo Skin Hydration - A Comparison Study of Different Measurement Techniques London South Bank University Download
Iontophoresis of Ranitidine: An Opportunity in Paediatric Drug Delivery University of Bath Download
Lipid Uptake and Skin Occlusion Following Topical Application of Oils on Adult and Infant Skin Johnson & Johnson Comsumer and River Diagnostics BV Download
Marine Derived Nutrient Improves Epidermal and Dermal Structure and Prolongs the Lifespan in Recognised Human Skin Equivalent Leiden University Medical Center Download
Mechanisms of Stratum Corneum Penetration Enhancement by Tropical Microemulsions University of Bath Download
Microbial Penetration Across Microneedle Arrays Treated Piglet Skin - An Ex vivo Study Queens University Belfast Download
Microemulsion Formulations for the Transdermal Delivery of Testosterone University of Bath Download
Modelization of the Effects of a Mixture of Preservatives in a Tropical Emulsion Laboratoire de Pharmacie Galénique
et Pharmacotechnie Industrielle
Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC)-based Hydrogel Formulation for Topical delivery of Minoxidil Universidade do Porto Download
New Formulations for the Treatment of Corns Ege University Download
Novel Chitosan-honey Ointment for Controlled Release in Wound Healing and Skin Burn NMIMS University,
Vile Parle (W)
Penetration of Stratum Corneum by Double-Labelled Ultradeformable Liposomes Employing a Non-Occlusive Technique Programa Nano Medicinas LDTD Download
Permeation Studies of Emulsions Containing Ruthin and Quercitrin from Spondias lutea Universidade de
Lisboa and UNESP
Permeation of Ibuprofen Across Pig Ear Skin from Bioadhesive Film: Effect of Chemical Enhancers and Occlusion University of Parma Download
Physical Stability and Skin Performance of Arachidyl Glucoside-based Emulsion Vehicles Containng Different Oils University of Belgrade Download
Physicochemical properties and Evaluation of Microemulsion Systems for Tropical Delivery of Naproxen Ege University Download
Photoacoustic Technique Applied to in vivo Skin Research UniVap Download
Polyelectrolyte Complexes as Potential Transdermal Delivery Systems University of Coimbra Download
Solvent Enhancement Effect from Finite Dose Applications The School of Pharmacy, University
of London
Stability Aspects of Poloxamer 407-based Drug Delivery Systems in Photodynamic Therapy University of Braunschweig Download
The Influence of a Binary Solvent System on the Dermal Delivery of Lidocaine Hydrochloride in Human Skin The School of Pharmacy, University
of London
Transdermal Drug Delivery Through Photoinduced Pressure Waves
University of Coimbra Download
Transdermal Flux predictions for Highly Lipophilic Compounds: Comparison with Experimental Results University of Bath Download
Using Natural Ingredients as Sunscreens in Cosmetics University of Nantes Download
Validation of the Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) Skin Irritation Assay for Full Replacement of the Draize Test Oroxcell Download
Vehicle Effects on Dermal Delivery The School of Pharmacy, University
of London
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