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Posters - Skin Forum Meeting 2008
To open the posters left click on the download buttons and they will open in a new browser window. To download the posters right click on the download buttons and save the file to your desktop.
Title Affiliation  
An Investigation into Correlations Between Onycheal Antifungal Drug Flux and Resulting Fungal Inhibition on In Vitro Assays University of London Download
Assessment of Barrier Function of Cow Skin Membranes In Vivo Charles River Download
ATR-FTIR Spetroscopic Investigation of Penetration Enhancement by Cineole and Oleic Acid University of London Download
Biophysical Techniques to Characterize Skin Permeability Universities of
London and Lisboa
Honeybee Venom Detection and Diffusion in Envenomed Tissue by Direct Maldi MSI Universitå degli
tudi di Firenze
In vitro Evaluation of Cutaneous Penetration of Sprayable Sunscreen Emulsions with High Concentrations of UV-Filters Université Libre
de Bruxelles
In vitro Penetration of [14C] - Ciclopirox in Two Formulation Through Human Nail Charles River Download
In vivo Stratum Corneum Thickness and Water Diffusion Coefficient Measurements Using Opto-Thermal Radiometry and Condenser-Chamber TEWL Measurement London South
Bank University
Modelling the Effect of Mixture Components in the Skin Penetration University of Kent
and Greenwich
Review od Analytical Methodologies for the Study of Interactions of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Intertek Download
Skin Capacitance Imaging for Surface Profiles and Dynamic Water Concentration Measurements London South
Bank University
Solvent Enhancement Effect from Finite Dose Application University of London Download
Positively charged Nanoemulsions for Enhanced Tropical Delivery of Fludrocortisone-Acetate University of Vienna Download
Understanding Vehicle Effect on Penetration Enhancement Using ATR-FTIR Spectroscopic University of London Download
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